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Dolphins, Whales, and Snails, Oh My!

Updated: Mar 25

We got to whip out our sunglasses and swim suits, because Boomshaka spent a day in Malibu! It was a day of swimming, sun, and fun!

As soon as we arrived, we took some time to admire the McKennas’ beautiful house and take advantage of the extremely comfy, Boomshaka-sized couch.

Boomshaka on the Boomshaka-sized couch

We also discovered a multitude of delightful snails, which Jacob took the lead in organizing a photoshoot for.

Olivia photographing a snail

After the snails’ model debut, we hopped in the pool and hot dub for a relaxing soak, which quickly turned into shenanigans like handstands and piggy backs.

Mariam, Jasmin, and Ana performing the triple piggy back

Boomshaka had to take advantage of the wonderful beach close by, so some members relaxed on the sand, flew kites, and played fun beach games! Some others went surfing (most for the first time!), with a tutorial led by our very own Nicole. It was an exhilarating experience that we will never forget.

Some of us even spotted some dolphins and whales! With all the different activities going on, everyone had a Mali-blast!

This is a whale, we promise

After we returned home, some had a movie night watching Emily the Criminal and Interstellar. It was a chill night of laughs and snacks!

Boomshaka loved Malibu, and is ready for their last few days in LA!

Sneak peek for tomorrow: elementary gig and fancy night!

With love and rhythm,


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