Full Volume (2018)


Turn it Up // Written by: Eric Van Camp and Emma Meyerhoff
Trash Rave // Written by: Andy Jones and Jalil Khoury

Shards May Remain // Written by: Annika Amlie and Jared Zvonar

Too Many Cooks // Written by: Calliope Davishines

Shook // Written by: Abby Lammers and Julia Jacobs

All that Glitters // Written by: Allegra Kawles and Rachel Traisman

High Tide // Written by: Andy Steiner and JJ Hale

Northwestern Lights // Written by: Alana Wertheimer, Jake Hullings, and Maggie Dalzell


Fire Ocean Thunder // Written by: Alana Wertheimer and Grant Pender
Tubular, Dude // Written by: Aviv Delgadillo

Arsonist's Lullaby // Written by: Desiree Applewhite

One of the Folks // Written by: Abby Lammers and Emily Coffee

Couples Therapy // Written by: Rachel Traisman

Northwestside Story // Written by: Jake Hullings

Boots and Kets and // Written by: Grant Pender

Hold my Sprite // Written by: Allegra Kawles and Emily Coffee

Queen of the Underworld // Written by: Julia Jacobs

System Overload // Written by: Abby Lammers, Eric Van Camp, Rachel Traisman

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