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Remastered (2022)
Our 25th Anniversary Spring Show

Act I

1. Drop the Needle // written by James Hisanaga, Kati Guerrero, Audrey Marx

2. omg // written by Polina Cherepanova and Kegan Grace

3. Good Morning! // written by Sophie Gilbert

4. Continuum // written by Jordan Checkoff 

5. Oi Bruv // written by Nomi Tannenbaum and Audrey Marx

6. Rewind // written by Angel Jordan 

7. Latinshaka // written by Coco Gonzalez and Isabella Brown

8. Woah Nelly // written by Polina Cherepanova and Audrey Marx

9. Watch Me Fall // written by James Hisanaga and Talya Braverman

10. Sweet Dreams // written by Nomi Tannenbaum 

11. Musical Stools // written by Harrison Israel and Ben Monroe

12. Take 2 // written by Melissa Perry, Caitlin Jimmar, Ben Monroe

Act II

13. Re: Magic Wand // written by Sophie Gilbert, Kegan Grace, Isabella Brown 

14. The Holy Trinity // written by Melissa Perry 

15. The Selection // written by Lorenzo Jennings 

16. Dinner Table // written by Kati Guerrero

17. Tears // written by Jenna Wiseltier

18. Tunnel // written by Nomi Tannenbaum and Kati Guerrero 

19. Boomshaka: 1997 // written by Harrison Israel 

20. Turn it up // written by Melissa Perry and Leo McKenna 

21. the minds we had // written by Mariam Adesiji and Coco Gonzalez 

22. Bad Reputation // written by Julia Karten and Harrison Israel

23. Fiya Fiya Fiya // written by Chirag Bachani 

24. Outro // written by Nomi Tannenbaum and Harrison Israel 

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