Converge (2013)


Opener - Jourdin Batchelor, Jalen Motes, Zach Hyman

Rudimentarium - Zach Smith

Arch and Crunch - Suzanne Hutt

Clap One Time (Transition) - Paul Marino and Zach Smith

Hip Hop - Oluchi Nwosu and Uche Nwosu

Sexy Love-Magic*- Juandiego Marquez

Boomshakapella (Transition) - Justin Lueker

Girls Dancing - Margaret Tudor

Boxhead - Paul Marino and Oluchi Nwosu

Shroom Sesh - Justin Lueker and Zach Smith

Charlie’s Workout Plan - Jourdin Batchelor, Oluchi Nwosu, Uche Nwosu

Zymon - Zach Hyman, Madeline Hooper, Simon Barnicle


Djustin Unchained - Zach Hyman

Pass the Snap (Transition) - Charlie Scott and Juandiego Marquez

Five 4est - Evan Gray

Tap (Transition) - Rebecca Rego and Madeline Hooper

4 Black Girls* - Sarah Ehlen and Allie Stenclik

Slapping (Transition) - Paul Marino

Real Talk - Zach Smith and Jourdin Batchelor

Senior Transition - Justin Lueker, Margaret Tudor, Suzanne Hutt, Paul Marino, Jourdin Batchelor, Oluchi Nwosu

Scion of Mercury - Jalen Motes

Herpes and Slurpees - Justin Lueker and Rebecca Rego

Big Dicks - Justin Lueker

Closer - Zach Smith, Suzanne Hutt, Charlie Scott