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Set in Motion (2023)
Our 26th Anniversary Spring Show

Act I

1. Floor It; written by Harrison Israel & Sophie Gilbert

2. System Malfunction; written by Harrison Israel & Polina Cherepanova

3. Echo; written by Mariam Adesiji

4. Yes, Chef!; written by Kegan Grace & Ben Monroe

5. Recipe for Moving On; written by Angel Jordan

6. It's Not You, It's Me; written by Kegan Grace & Sophie Gilbert

7. Rural Tennessee; written by Nathan Arnold

8. The Heist; written by Jacob Cox

9. like the stars miss the sun in the morning sky; Jordan Checkoff, Coco Gonzalez & James Hisanaga

10. Silver Centrifuge; written by Lorenzo Jennings, Audrey Marx, & Mariam Adesiji

Act II

13. We Just Keep Elevating; written by Isabella Brown & Angel Jordan

14. Rush Hour; written by Anna Simmons

15. By Invitation Only; written by Jordan Checkoff & Angel Jordan

16. Hijinks & Hijacks; written by Leo McKenna & Audrey Marx

17. La Caza; written by Isabella Brown & Lily Nevo

18. Wheels; written by Polina Cherepanova

19. With Love, From Eden; written by Kegan Grace & Lily Nevo

20. Shockwaves; written by Chirag Bachani & Nathan Arnold

21. The Chain; written by Jenna Wiseltier

22. Green Light; written by Sophie Gilbert & Harrison Israel

23. Braking Free; written by Polina Cherepanova & Ben Monroe

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