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Hit the Switch (2016)


ON – Sarah Ehlen, Andre Mohring & Evan Gray

Spoken Word Transition – Simon Barnicle & Andre Mohring

Ben’s Balls – Ben Barteau

I Hope This Makes You Think Of Your Ex Pt. II – Adina Nadler

Napoleon Dynamite Transition – Aviv Delgadillo

Upper Echelon – Andre Mohring

Sushi Date Transition – Andre Mohring & Allie Stenclik

Dr. Bang Carson – Allie Stenclik

Pocket Change – Aviv Delgadillo

Candēre – Sarah Ehlen

ReRack – Simon Barnicle & Ben Barteau

Squidz Transition – The Squidz

Tierra Del Fuego – Ethan Saltzberg & Sarah Ehlen




Romeo and Juliet – Simon Barnicle & Adina Nadler

Siri Transition

Ball is Light – Eric Van Camp & Rachel Traisman

Vertices of the Vortex – Allie Stenclik

Stool’s Gold – Simon Barnicle

TOOLZ Transition – Allie Stenclik

Trash BeatZ – Aviv Delgadillo & Grant Pender

Critters Transition – Evan Gray, Andre Mohring, Ethan Saltzberg

Up Again – Sofia Kromis

2 Spooky – Jake Hullings

When in Doubt, Pole Out – Evan Gray

How to Write a Boomshaka Piece (Senior Transition)

OFF – Ethan Saltzberg, Alana Wertheimer & Adina Nadler

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