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Winter Quarter Wrapped

Whew! That flew by!

This winter quarter, Boomshaka has been RELENTLESSLY rehearsing in preparation for our annual Spring Show (April 19th & 20th in Shanley Pavillion at 7 pm & 10 pm), each cast member spending 4 hours every Sunday and up to 7 hours on weekdays making all of our pieces performance-ready!

Boomshaka has been keeping busy outside of rehearsal as well! 

At the beginning of the quarter, we welcomed back THREE Boomshaka members that were abroad/at interships with a surprise welcome back party! Thank GOODNESS we have Anna, Nathan, and Jenna back!

Nathan's reaction video!

Anna's reaction video!

We held our annual Boomshaka Retreat on Friday 2/23/24, and this year’s activity was a WEDDING THEMED MURDER MYSTERY PARTY. You may ask, who done it? Thanks to our dedicated special detective Anna, we were able to catch the murderer of the bride… none other than our ruthless, cold-blooded killer skwid Isaac Cross!!!😱🔪 

Special thanks to Jordan and Olivia for organizing and executing such an awesome event, go social team go!!

Boomshaka performed a gig for McKenzie elementary school in Wilmette, only 10 minutes away from Northwestern’s campus on Tuesday 2/27/24! The kids absolutely loved our performance, but what they REALLY loved more than anything else was Lorenzo’s mustache…🥸 During the Q&A following our performance, the kids were able to ask us (& Lorenzo) questions like how we got into Boomshaka, how we got as far as college, why we love drumming & dancing, and (importantly) how Lorenzo grew his mustache. 

On Saturday 2/10/24, the Boomhaus (consisting of Mariam, Nathan, Leo, & Audrey) hosted the Boomshaka x Purple Haze Valentine’s Day party!💖❤️With a special performance from Leo’s rock band Sapphire Man, fun drink sales, and cutesy heart-shaped decor, we were able to raise over $1600 for both groups to share! SO. MUCH. FUN.

We just wrapped up our FIRST EVER a cappella collab show with Purple Haze on March 8th & 9th and it was so much fun! We got to sing with them, they got to drum & dance with us, and we even raised some extra spending money for tour! Total win.💜

Purple Haze a cappella arrangement with Leo & Audrey on drums; the song is "First Light" by Hozier

Lastly, on Sunday 2/4/24, I (Audrey) performed my senior degree recital, which ended up having a LARGE Boomshaka cast member turnout. Pictures are below, but I really felt the Boomshaka love, thanks so much guys.🫶

AND Jacob & Lauren sang SO beautifully in their Chorale performance!!! Hooray music!!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this update, dear reader. And with sunshine and tour on the horizon, we hope you’re ready for even more…

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