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Boomshaka Gets Fancy

Updated: Mar 25

Wow, what a Thursday! Even though tour is coming to a close, we are still filling our days with fun and exciting activities.

We started our morning bright and early at 7 am to get to our final gig at the UCLA Lab school. We had so much fun showing the kids the beauty of drumming and dancing.

From there, it was time to rehearse for our spring show, with the dancers heading back to the studio and the drummers making rhythm out on the patio. While we were working hard, we also made sure to have a great time, including giving some makeovers!

After some pool time, everyone got ready for another Boomshaka tour tradition: Fancy Night! Everyone got dolled up in their dress clothes and makeup and headed out for photos, food, and a fantastic night! After a lengthy photo shoot, we ventured to Denae’s Diner for a delicious meal.

Once our appetites were appeased, we went back home to play some fun games as a group, including trivia (courtesy of Jordan) and some silly challenges!

We've had such a great time on tour and appreciate your support!!

Sneak peek for tomorrow: Boomshaka hikes to Griffith Observatory

With love and rhythm,


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