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We Made it to L.A.!

Winter quarter is over, spring break is here, and Boomshaka Tour has just begun!! 

Over the last few days, the Boomshaka members have been flying out to LA to get ready for our awesome week of tour. Everyone is so excited to bask in the LA sun, hang out at the pool, but most importantly, drum, dance, and rhythm!

To prepare for the week, exec and friends traveled to the grocery store for some tasty meals!

The groceries were already put to good use the first night when Olivia, Jasmin, and Anna made some lovely cheese quesadillas.

Dena, Camille, and Abby were welcomed with a surprise dance performance and hand-crafted sign. About 10 members worked hard to make the late night arrivals still feel special.

In our free time, Boomshaka has been working diligently on our OFFICIAL tour puzzle! Drop in the comments what you think it is! We will continue updating you all each day with photos.

Boomshaka concluded the night with some pool and hot tub fun. Lorenzo was tossed into the cold water and everyone played a game of mafia!

Everyone had a lovely first day in LA! Keep checking in for more fun updates!

Sneak peek for tomorrow: Boomshaka will be performing at a St. Patty’s Day Block Party hosted by the McKennas! 🍀🍀🍀

With love and rhythm,


Written by Jasmin, Madeline, and Ana

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