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St. Patrick’s Day Extravaganza

Updated: Mar 25

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This green-filled holiday was Boomshaka’s first day in LA, and we did not waste a second.

By 7:30 a.m., the group was awake and ready to go on a hike through Culver City Stairs. We marveled at the beautiful LA skyline as we trekked along the trail.

After that, it was time to get ready for our first tour gig: the St. Patrick’s Day block party! We spent the morning rehearsing and welcomed the block party attendees with drum, dance, and rhythm :)

Boomshaka always supports Boomshaka, and we were so lucky (as a leprechaun) to have over 10 Boomshaka alumni come to our block party! We met one founding Boomshaka member, the composers of B17 and Collective (rep pieces we still play today), and one of the first Boomshaka babies (a baby with two alumni as parents)! We got to learn about how traditions have continued, changed, and grown over time, as well as play a few rep pieces with them.

Once the block party was over and we cleaned up, it was time for some dinner! The dinner squad cooked up some delicious stir fry for everyone, and we enjoyed a wonderful meal as a cast.

We concluded the day with a fun game night! We competed in 4 teams against each other bracket-style, the pinnacle being an insane game of rock paper scissors. 

Here is a photo of Nicole with a football (allegedly) signed by Tom Brady!

We have been having so much fun in LA!

Sneak peak for tomorrow: Boomshaka gig at an elementary school and beach day! 🥁💃🏼🏖️

With love and rhythm,


Written by Jasmin, Madeline, and Ana

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