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Boomshaka's Got Talent

Happy Tuesday! It’s been an action-packed day for Boomshaka as they take on the lights and cameras of Hollywood.

In the morning, Boomshaka got down to business to rehearse for their upcoming spring show. The dancers ventured off to a beautiful local studio and the drummers rehearsed back at home.

Boomshaka Dancers at the studio

After all that hard work, Boomshaka got glammed up and ready for their biggest event yet: being in the studio audience of America’s Got Talent! On top of seeing the judges and some incredible acts, a few of our members won some prizes for our enthusiasm, talent, and crazy muscles. One of our members, Jacob Cox, even got to perform for the crowd while the stage was being set up! Here are some of our favorite moments!

Jacob singing "Go The Distance"

Our fabulous Skwids (Ana, Jasmin, Olivia) + Mariam on the Terry Crews Flex Cam

As we were leaving, we got to take pictures with one of the fabulous acts of the afternoon!

 Curry the magical psychic chicken and his handler with Boomshaka

Once at home, it was time to tie dye! Everyone went outside with their white clothing to add a splash of color and fun! Tomorrow, we will see how our creations turn out.

Lily & Jasmin tie-dying

To celebrate the day, we had a fun Taco Tuesday night, prepared by our wonderful dinner crew. Even though there was so much food, we devoured it all of course.

The day was very long, but amazing nonetheless.

Sneak peak for tomorrow: Boomshaka takes on Malibu!!

With love and rhythm,


written by Jasmin Behnam, Ana Kim, & Madeline Conter

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