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We started our day with a fun gig at Temple Israel of Hollywood Day School (Leo’s alma mater!). We played a performance for the middle schoolers and a performance for the younger students. Boomshaka also taught a drum workshop to the 6th graders who will be performing in the production of a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Then Boomshaka drove to Venice beach for a fun day in the sun! The beach day started with a photo scavenger hunt. Some of our favorite photos were the human pyramid, the murals, and Camille with a snake! After the scavenger hunt, we laid in the sand, braved the cold water, and played some frisbee. We made some new friends at the beach who also joined in for frisbee.

Finally, for dinner we had some delicious pasta and bolognese!

Here is a puzzle update! Our progress has been slow because of how many fun activities we’ve been doing the past few days.

Sneak peak for tomorrow: Boomshaka will be guests at a TV studio audience!

With love and rhythm,


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